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Tiana Sin'Darei
Tiana Sin'Darei
Цветок, что распускается в сумерках
Цветок, что распускается в сумерках

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госустройство Pbucket
Flag of the Islands of Escova

Chain of command:
.. King Sven and Queen Astraea of the Islands of Escova
.. High Admiral (only navy), High General (only army), High Mage (only mage guild/academy) the Duke of Landis, the Duke of Sathyr
.. Barons, Trade Master (answers to the king)
.. Minor nobility


    The government of the Island Nation is primarily a monarchy, centered in the capital city of Maristheum. In the absence of a king and a living male heir, the islands were ruled by the second wife of the late King Fenrys Winterborn. She has since married Fenrys' younger brother. Now King Sven acts as the ultimate authority over the Islands of Escova, managing the council beneath him and the nobility throughout the islands.

the council

    The Council is the group of officials chosen by the queen (with the exception of the dukes) to manage vital parts of the nation according to her wishes. The council consists of the High Admiral (navy), High General (army), the High Mage, the Trade Master (regulator of trade and finances- currently and customarily Kyha's baron), the Steward (a personal assistant of sorts- handles international affairs with the monarchs), and the Dukes of Landis and Sathyr.

the local nobility

    Specific cities and areas on the islands have their own lords. These lords, barons, either inherit their land or are appointed by the monarch, the Duke of Landis, or the Duke of Sathyr (due to issues of inheritance or incapability).

inheritance and heirs

  • Close relatives of all these nobles, with the exception of the High General and Admiral, may claim the titles of lord or lady, but may have no governmental power.
  • Sons of dukes who are first in line to inherit the title may take the title of viscount. Sons of barons in a similar position may take the title of lord.
  • Rule always passes to the closest male heir (by blood) before it may be claimed by any other. Wives of deceased noblemen may contest the passing of their husbands' titles and positions to an illegitimate son or distant relative by appealing to a duke or the king (depending on the title in question).
  • A duke may break a bloodline of inheritance only by obtaining the approval of the queen (especially when stripping a current baron of his title), unless he intends to grant the title of baroness to the wife of a deceased baron.

** The temple has no active, official role in the government but acknowledges the divine rights of the monarchy and typically works in conjunction with the government.

Open positions:

  • High General
  • High Mage
  • Trade Master (Baron of Kyha)
  • Barons
  • Lords
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